Group Class: Screenwriting For Low Budget Indie Film

In this class, you’ll gain a deep understanding of what it takes to craft a compelling and impactful screenplay for an independent film. You’ll learn about the unique storytelling demands and challenges of independent films, and how to use that to your advantage as you develop your script.


You’ll discover tips and techniques for improving your writing and taking your screenwriting skills to new heights. I’ll share my own experiences making independent films, including my mistakes and lessons learned, so you can avoid common pitfalls and bring your vision to life. This class is not just about theory; it’s a practical guide to transforming your ideas into a screenplay that thrives in the world of low-budget independent filmmaking.

Class Language: Lesson Duration: Class Frequency: Class Length: Class Size: Certification:
English 90 Minutes Once A Week 4 Weeks (Saturdays) Minimum 6ppl, maximum 10ppl Certificate of Completion

How to Write a Screenplay for Low Budget Indie Film


Lesson 1 (Week 1)

 Foundations of Screenplay Writing and Developing a Producer’s Mindset

Dive into the fundamentals of screenplay structure and formatting. Learn to think like a producer, understanding the industry’s demands and tailoring your script to catch the eye of potential backers.

Lesson 2 (Week 2)

Crafting a Compelling Story, Character Development, and Plot Enhancement

Explore the art of crafting characters and stories that resonate with audiences while keeping a tight budget in mind. Dive into the intricacies of plot development, enhancing your narrative with compelling backstories and subplots.

Lesson 3 (Week 3)

Mastering the Screenplay Writing Process

Hone your skills in the screenplay writing process from idea inception to the final page. Discover efficient writing strategies that maintain creativity and learn to overcome common pitfalls.

Lesson 4 (Week 4)

Crafting a Memorable Ending and Real-world Insights from Indie Filmmaking

Focus on delivering a memorable and impactful ending within budget constraints. Additionally, benefit from real-world insights as I share anecdotes, mistakes, and invaluable lessons learned from my own journey in making independent films.

* Workshop Requirements: Basic understanding of camera techniques, screenwriting, and the production process.

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