Real-Time Filmmaking Workshop (London)

In this six-hour workshop, learn how to make real-time films in one day using what you already have.

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Learn what it takes to make a feature-length real-time film in just one day!

Do you want to learn what it takes to make films in just one day? Join our immersive workshop, where we will spend 6 hours discussing real-time filmmaking! Bring your camera and learn how to work with what you have.

Language: Duration: Instructor: Location: Workshop Size:
English 6 Hours Hank Orion Central London Minimum 2ppl, maximum 4ppl

Essential Equipment

Overview of the camera and sound equipment necessary for real-time film production

Overcoming Technical Obstacles

Addressing potential challenges that may arise during filming and strategies to overcome them

Optimizing Time on Set

Managing time constraints effectively during shooting for maximum productivity

Efficient Planning

Tips and techniques for streamlined planning in real-time film production

Shooting Techniques

Specialized techniques tailored for real-time film production

Solo Lighting Techniques

Lighting strategies for solo filmmakers

Solo Sound Management

Handling sound aspects as a one-person crew

Next Steps and Distribution

Guidance on the subsequent stages of your film and strategies for effective distribution

We encourage attendees to bring a camera with them; this can be anything from a GoPro, a mobile phone, DSLR, video camcorder, or a lightweight cinema camera – ideally something you already own and want to use for your feature film, this way you’ll gain all the necessary tips and tricks tailored to your specific camera and filmmaking needs.

Join us and forge connections that will last a lifetime with like-minded filmmakers. This workshop is limited to a maximum of 4 people at a time. Note this workshop will take place outdoors.

* Workshop Requirements: Basic understanding of camera techniques, screenwriting, and the production process.

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  1. To give you an idea of how the workshop functions: we met, had a short introduction. We all brought cameras (BMPCC was mine), Hank brought his camera, I believe it was a Canon C100 or 300. We went through everything you need to know to prepare for real-time filmmaking. I’d give it a 5 stars, but I’m giving it 4 because I attended the January workshop, and we were outdoors in Hyde Park. It was a little cold for my liking! But at the end I did learn what I came for.

  2. Love it! Like other people mentioned Hank is a really cool guy. I watched some of his real time films (Honey and Wine, The Job, The Ritual, Spooked) and was honestly impressed by what he could do in just a day! If you’ve ever made a feature film, you know how hard it is!

  3. If you’re new to filmmaking this workshop might be a bit intense. However, if you have a basic understanding and want to make a real time film (a story that unfolds in real time) I would recommend it.

  4. I attended this workshop in January, and in a nutshell it’s all about showing you what you need to make a feature film not only by yourself but also with whatever camera you already have! They encourage you to bring the camera you plan to use for your film; in my case, I brought a GoPro. Not only was Hank super cool about it, but when the workshop finished, he sent me a list of literally everything I need to make my filming process easier with a GoPro and get the best possible quality out of it! Some people just brought iPhones, and some brought DSLRs. I also love how it’s limited to four people! I feel like this way every time someone has a question (and people do) there’s plenty of time to go over it. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to indie filmmakers.
    PS. I’m making my first real-time film this month.

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Real-Time Filmmaking Workshop (London) Real-Time Filmmaking Workshop (London)
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