Independent Film Screenwriting 101

Master the art of crafting compelling indie film scripts! Dive into our course for expert insights on screenplay format, character research, and writing impactful acts. Learn from a seasoned filmmaker’s experiences, avoid common pitfalls, and bring your cinematic vision to life.

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Unlock the secrets of crafting compelling screenplays for independent films with our course ‘Independent Film Screenwriting That Works‘. Dive deep into the unique storytelling demands of indie cinema, learn effective techniques, and elevate your scriptwriting skills to bring your vision to life. Benefit from invaluable insights, including personal experiences, mistakes, and lessons learned from a seasoned filmmaker.


Video Length Instructor Resources Included Language Video Format
60 mins Hank Orion 1 downloadable resource English MP4

Write Great Screenplays

Immerse yourself in the art of independent film screenwriting. Enroll now to gain the knowledge and tools needed to create impactful scripts that resonate with audiences. Your journey to cinematic storytelling excellence begins here!

Lesson 1 (Free Preview Lesson):

Screenplay Format And What Software To Use

Master the technical essentials for a professional screenplay.

Lesson 2:

Character Research

Develop authentic and memorable characters through in-depth research.

Lesson 3:

How To Write A Good Backstory

Craft compelling backstories that enrich your characters and plot.

Lesson 4:

Writing A Solid Beginning, Middle And An End

Structure your screenplay for maximum impact.

Lesson 5:

How To Write Great Act I, Act II, and Act III

Navigate the crucial acts with expert guidance.

Lesson 6:

How To Approach Rewrites

Learn effective strategies for refining and enhancing your script.

Lesson 7:

Screenwriting Tips

Discover valuable tips and techniques to elevate your writing skills.

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