Being Modern Independent Film Director

Prepare for the unique challenges of modern independent film directing. From film school decisions to handling negativity and mastering actor-collaboration, our course equips you with the skills needed for a successful directing career. Enroll now to navigate the complexities of the film industry with confidence and resilience!


Aspiring to be a modern independent film director? Our course ‘Being Modern Independent Film Director‘ equips you with the skills to navigate the unique challenges of the film industry, from creative hurdles to high-stakes decisions. Learn the ins and outs of the director’s role, build resilience, and project the right energy. Uncover the secrets to working harmoniously with actors and crew while managing external pressures. From networking to ego management, prepare yourself for a successful career in film direction.


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60 mins Hank Orion English MP4

Be A Better Indie Film Director

Prepare for the demands of modern independent film directing. Enroll now and elevate your directorial skills to new heights!

Lesson 1 (Free Preview Lesson):

Do You Need To Go To Film School

Explore the pros and cons of film school for aspiring directors.

Lesson 2:

What Does A Film Director Do

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the director’s multifaceted role.

Lesson 3:

Adapting To Independent Director’s Life

Navigate the unique challenges of an independent director’s journey.

Lesson 4:

Letting Go Of Your Fears

Overcome fears that hinder your creative and professional growth.

Lesson 5:

Projecting The Right Energy

Develop the right mindset and energy for successful film directing.

Lesson 6:

Dealing With Negativity

Learn to handle negativity and criticism constructively.

Lesson 7:

Dealing With Outside Pressure

Manage external pressures with grace and effectiveness.

Lesson 8:

Keeping Up The Image

Build and maintain a positive professional image in the film industry.

Lesson 9:

Working With Actors

Hone your skills in effectively collaborating with actors.

Lesson 10:

Working With Crew

Foster a collaborative and productive working relationship with your crew.

Lesson 11:

Knowing Your Departments

Understand the key departments and their roles in film production.

Lesson 12:


Develop essential networking skills for a successful film director’s career.

Lesson 13:

Do You Need An Agent?

Evaluate the role of agents in your filmmaking journey.

Lesson 14:

Ego Problems

Navigate and manage ego challenges in the film industry.

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