Produce A Dirt Cheap Independent Feature Film

Unlock the secrets of low-budget filmmaking with our course! From script to screen, master every step: budgeting, casting, production, and more. Ideal for aspiring filmmakers eager to create quality independent features without breaking the bank. Enroll now and turn your cinematic dreams into reality!


Are you an aspiring filmmaker eager to dive into the world of independent cinema without breaking the bank? Our comprehensive course ‘Produce A Dirt Cheap Independent Feature Film‘ is your roadmap to mastering the art of low-budget filmmaking. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned filmmaker, this guide covers every essential aspect of the process, empowering you to bring your cinematic vision to life on a budget.


Video Length Instructor Resources Included Language Video Format
40 mins Hank Orion 2 downloadable resources English MP4

Produce Your Own Independent Feature Films

Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to turn your filmmaking dreams into reality without breaking the bank. Enroll in our course today and kickstart your journey into the exciting world of independent feature film production! Learn how to produce a dirt cheap independent feature films.

Lesson 1 (Free Preview Lesson):

Know Your Limitations

Understand and leverage your resources effectively. Being able to produce a low-budget independent feature film means understanding your limitations and overcoming them.

Lesson 2:

Securing A Story

Discover strategies for finding and securing compelling scripts. The story is the heart of any film. When it comes to producing an independent feature film, the story has a special place.

Lesson 3:

Top Budget Sheet

Learn to create a budget that maximizes resources and minimizes costs. Learn to work with what you have rather than what others tell you that you need

Lesson 4:

Where To Find Money

Explore diverse avenues for financing your independent feature film. There are many ways to fund an independent feature film, but we will look into the most realistic ones that you can easily do.

Lesson 5:

Producer’s Check List

Navigate the production process with a comprehensive checklist. Producing a low-budget feature film can be overwhelming; learn to stay on top of your game.

Lesson 6:

Hire The Right Crew

Identify and assemble a talented and cost-effective cast and crew.

Lesson 7:


 Master the art of efficient and effective film production.

Lesson 8:


Dive into the editing and post-production phase with confidence.

Lesson 9:

The Film Image

Develop a distinctive visual style for your film on a budget.

Lesson 10:


Best ways in the present day to get your independent feature film distributed. Strategies to recoup your investment and potentially turn a profit.

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