We will teach you how to make independent films with no or low-budget!

How to make a feature film on a low budget? Easy!

We are dedicated to providing aspiring filmmakers with the tools and knowledge necessary to bring their unique visions to life on the big screen. With a focus on hands-on experience and individual creativity, our program empowers students to develop their own distinct styles and voices in the world of modern filmmaking.

Through our comprehensive classes and video courses, we'll teach you how to optimize your creativity, leverage cost-effective equipment and techniques, and make strategic decisions that elevate the production value of your films.

"I am a self-made independent filmmaker with a decade of experience in filmmaking. Motivated by my passion for empowering aspiring filmmakers, I founded Indie Film Classes to impart the knowledge and skills required to produce outstanding independent feature films."

Hank Orion

Founder, Lead Instructor